We made our own Jewels 

Custom Made Jewellery

We have been helping customers to create bespoke fine jewellery for decades. Our expert onsite jeweller will patiently communicate with you to learn your requirements. With our experience, craftsmanship and sense of design, we are confident in our ability to craft you a one of a kind jewel that reflects your style, feel and signature.


In our view, there are still many designs which rely on traditional handmade jewellery techniques, in order to create an individual look and feel with each piece. At the King’s Jewel jewellery shop in Hong Kong, we have insisted on making jewellery by hand since 1966.

Design & Stones

Design is one of the most important section in terms of making fine jewellery. At our jewellery shop in Hong Kong, we always devote as much time as we need to design jewellery. From drawings to stone selection and final touches, we carefully examine and inspire ourselves at each stage, to create truly unique pieces of jewellery for our customers.
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